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SEWOT WI-FI EXTENDER Model: SW-01 (SW Superbooster)


End Wi-Fi Dead Zones – Indoors & Outside: Thick walls? Cement floors? Love streaming outdoors? SEWOTs WiFi range booster signal permeates through 2600 square feet of ‘home barriers’, delivering optimized, stable bandwidth for ‘Data Hogs’ like streaming HD video, video conferencing & online gaming.

Financial Security – Extreme Performance – Designed in The USA: Powerful 300 Mbps and 2.4 GHz Processor WiFi Extender combines with the latest Advanced WEP/WPA/WPA2 security protocols to create a formidable wall of defense for business, financial & identity protection.

Make Data Hogs Happy – Connect 25 Devices, Interference Free: Transform their groans into peace, quiet & happiness. Internet range booster with Ethernet Port connects in seconds, pumping out Turbo-Charged, Interference Free internet to everyone’s TV, tablets, IP cameras, smart speakers, and Alexa compatible devices without bogging down. Universal Compatibility.

2021 Upgrade – Now with MaxStream Optimization! Even Tech geeks are impressed, touting how SEWOT’s 5 Modes make Maximizing Signal Strength, running a small business & experiencing uninterrupted connection that much easier. Includes Wireless Router, Repeater, Access Point, Client & Wisp Mode.

One-Tap WPS – Easy 30 Second Setup: Sure, we’re here to offer you Superior Support, but you won’t need it. Simply unbox it. Plug it in. Hold it by your Router and watch as it immediately connects with a single push of the WPS button. Old router box? Included LAN / Ethernet cables make it easy to connect.wifi extender internet booster range extender wifi signal repeater wifi extenders signal booster for home superboost wireless repeater

SEWOT HD Digital TV Antenna

FULL HD CHANNELS – You will be able to watch your favorite shows on TV without paying any monthly subscriptions. Our indoor HDTV antennas include over-the-air FULL HD channels such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS and independent stations depending on your location. With smart HDTV antenna, enjoy your time with your family watching sports, kids, local news programs and TV series.

CRYSTAL CLEAR QUALITY – Having cable would mean more than hundreds of channels but at compressed picture quality as seen on cable channels. Main advantage of a smart digital TV antenna compared to the cable is that it gets all of the local channels with an uncompressed FULL HD quality filtering out cellular and FM signals. You can watch your favorite TV shows in the range of 60-100 miles in best crystal clear quality.

LONG SIGNAL RANGE –  By getting an indoor digital TV antenna, you are also keeping yourself prepared for the bad weather. With up to 100 miles range it can be placed almost anywhere in your home. Switchable amplifier mode can be adjusted to fit for different ranges. If you are in the range of 35 miles, using lower mode and if you are over 35 miles and below 100 using the higher mode is recommended as seen on the picture.

EASY SETUP – Indoor antenna setup is the easiest type of TV antennas installation. First, you have to plug in the coax cable from the antenna to the TV. Then, Turn on your TV and go into the settings menu. Find an option where you can select ‘antenna’. Start to search for channels. You can try various locations to get the perfect reception. Don’t forget to rescan channels when you relocate your antenna. You can enjoy your time watching movies and TV series in clear FULL HD quality.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – We work hard to create the best quality TV antennas for you on the market. Which is why we’re confident in offering a worry free guarantee for satisfaction. Our lifetime warranty does not cover natural damages caused by the user.

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